Exellent results salt spray test Zini

Geplaatst 6 April 2021

Salt spray test between zinc-nickel (ZnNi) and galvanized (CR VI -free) fittings.

In this file you can see a salt spray test between fittings of original European fittings produced according to drawings by BEKA, SKF/LINCOLN and fittings of much lower quality which have been copied from the names above.

As many of you know, Hydynamic has been at the forefront of providing this original fittings in zinc-nickel quality for years. This is because quality is our top priority.

Hydynamic had this test done by proffesionals last month to showing the major advantage of the Zn/Ni coating versus the galvanized CR VI-free) technology.

Remember: Start occurrence of red rust is the moment when the test of the respective test part is terminated.